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Where To Drink & Dine Like An Irishman On St. Patrick's Day

As much as St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are synonymous with binge drinking brightly colored and potent adult beverages, one would think there’d be more emphasis on the meals tasked with soaking up all that alcohol. Which begs an important question: Where can one eat Irish fare in Dallas?

Whether you’re looking for a bite to eat on the parade route or a comforting plate of corned beef hash located as far as humanly possible from the crowds, these 11 spots will satisfy your St. Patrick's Day cravings.

6 Ragin Crab Cafe

Because Ragin’ Crab Cafe knows that you want a stress-free dining experience during the day’s festivities, this newly-opened Greenville Avenue seafood haunt is featuring an easy-to-eat menu on March 19. Options include fried catfish and shrimp, sausage on a stick, chicken tenders, house Cajun fries and hush puppies.

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