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Where To Find The Best Crawfish In Dallas And Beyond

The arrival of spring in Dallas means a lot of things – blooming flowers, crazy weather, allergies – but really only one hallmark of the season truly matters: crawfish. This seasonally available Cajun staple, best between February and May, is best consumed with lots of beer on a breezy patio.

But where does one find the best crawfish in Dallas?Plenty of places offer bland, overpriced crawfish, but these 8 spots are always a solid choice.

4 Ragin Crab

This Greenville Ave newcomer hasn’t been on the scene for long, but it’s certainly worth a stop. Instead of a dry spice rub, Ragin Crab Cafe douses their boiled crawfish in a spicy sauce that you’ll be licking off your fingers shamelessly. At $5.99 per pound, you’ll also be able to eat plenty without breaking the budget.

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